SIP Amal


“A teacher can never truly teach, unless he/she is still learning herself. A lamp can never light another light, unless it continues to burn its own light.”
- Rabindranath Tagore

Vinita paranjpe

In the last 4 months I have observed that Mihir is more attentive and patient. He is a better team player and cares more for the feelings of his friends. The nature of his questions have changed and he wants to know how and why a certain thing is the way it is rather than just what it is…this shows that he is thinking more. His oratory skills have improved and he explains concepts with clarity. He has started taking responsibility for his work as well as conduct.

Vinita paranjpe (Parent of Mihir), Mumbai
Amruta Rutu

I found that in SIP Amal classes, children grasp, listen & memorize at their peak level of thinking. Mihika; my daughter was shy & introvert, is now bold & a confident girl. She manages her school studies on her own very well.

Amruta Rutu Kulkarni, (Parent of Mihika), Pune
Shaily Garg

My child was very introvert when he started this extraordinary program. The results are unbelievable. Now he is more confident, extrovert, imaginative and creative. SIP Amal has changed the way he thinks.

Shaily Garg, (Parent of swastik Garg), Muzaffarnagar
Dr. Aparna Kakkad

SIP Amal - This is what the Foundation is all about. When Om joined this class he was a very reserved child. He has become more independent while doing all his work. Om enjoys coming to class. SIP Amal class is well organized, and very informative.

Dr. Aparna Kakkad, (Parent of OM Kakkad), Aurangabad
Neha Aggarwal

SIP Amal is a great initiative towards kids helps in building out of box thinking in them. Post SIP Amal training, I find Darsh has become punctual and more attentive. From simple bedtime story, he makes out many more lessons (Moral learning) than what I teach.

Neha Aggarwal, (Parent of Darsh), Muzaffarnagar
Kalpana Rajpurkar

The shy and hesitant girl is more confident and independent in her thinking. She is comfortable in meeting people, expressing her feeling and emotions. There is creativity in her work. She has now become a keen observer, thus a fast learner. This course has more of a practical approach than the book approach and I feel that helps the children learn fast.

Kalpana Rajpurkar, (Parent of Naisha), Mumbai