SIP Amal


A teacher can never truly teach, unless he/she is still learning herself, a lamp can never light another light, unless it continues to burn its own light, as quoted by Rabindranath Tagore.

Shilpa Shitore

Training children since 2011 in SIP Amal programme has given me immense pride and professional satisfaction. I feel happy that through this programme, I have witnessed children, opening up and getting developed. In some cases, children have completely surpassed everyone’s expectations. I feel very refreshed after each of these classes and my husband is also happy with my work.

Shilpa Shitore, Aurangabad.
Lissy Antony Eapen

I was a little apprehensive in undergoing the training for SIP Amal program because I thought that at my age, it will be really difficult to acquire skills. But when the training started, all my apprehensions were proved wrong and I really enjoyed the training. I have learnt a lot, feel confident and I can monitor the work of my teachers very effectively and also counsel the parents in a better way.

Lissy Antony Eapen, Trivandrum
Radha Bajaj

I started SIP Amal classes since 2009. The programme was revised in 2010 and new programme introduced. The all new SIP Amal programme has number of feathers that helps to improve the Imagination, Creativity and Self-Confidence in the students. Students learn quicker because of knowledge of Problem Solving Skills, Team Work and also Better Communication Skills. By understanding the benefits of the programme, every parent wants to join the course for their child. Many Parents have requested for SIP Amal classes to be conducted daily.

Radha Bajaj, Aurangabad