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Join us. And we’ll join you. Together, we can help children achieve their full potential, while helping you secure your entrepreneurial dreams as well. Welcome to the future!

We welcome you to be a part of this challenging and equally rewarding opportunity of creating intelligence in the future citizens of India. You may choose between the 2 options Franchisee or Learning Centre Licensee | Teacher or Course Instructor

Franchisee or Learning Centre Licensee (LCL)

A franchise of SIP Abacus programme is a wonderful Entrepreneurial opportunity. If you are one who is interested in teaching children, a good leader, and willing to learn, this business opportunity would be the ideal choice. Being an LCL lets you to explore your skills and earn for yourself. This is an opportunity with flexible hours of work at a workplace of your choice and returns from investments in a short period. Apart from being a wonderful business opportunity, you also gain satisfaction in contributing to the nation by creating intelligence in our future citizens. Good communication skills, language skills (English and regional) and willingness to work on weekends are the essentials for this profile. Men or Women with some past experience, who are willing to get trained and involve full time will become quite successful as a Learning Centre Licensee very rapidly.

Requirements & Investment
Area Recommended Location Preferred Interiors & Furniture
600 - 800 sqft (2 class rooms, reception, and toilet facilities) Residential or semi-commercial Signage Board, Reception & Classroom branding as per SIP norms
LCL Fee - Metros * (Non refundable) LCL Fee - Non Metros * (Non refundable)
1,50,000/- 1,30,000/-

* Includes one free Course Instructor training

Teacher or Course Instructor (CI)

Course Instructors need to be enthusiastic learners and willing to update their knowledge and also ready to work on weekends. This part time entrepreneurial opportunity would be ideal for candidates interested in knowledge transfer. They should enjoy working with children and possess good communication skills. The remuneration will depend on the number of students handled.

Training fee for 2 levels comprising of 6 days of training with course material is 7,000 for both Metros and Non-Metros.

"It's been 9 fruitful years without a dull moment. I was attracted initially by the programme's novelty. Later I noticed the improvement in my concentration, speed and accuracy in all aspects of life. Respect and flexibility of working with a free reign keeps me going."

Rajeshree Patil Powai, Mumbai

Business opportunity

“ Having worked as an Integrated Circuits(IC) Design Engineer at Nano Storage Technologies Pte Ltd, Singapore I was entangled within a cubicle in the office most of the time without much exposure to the outside world. Because of recession, I decided to switch to an activity that can bring in stability to my income. Then I joined SIP as a franchisee and I am proud to share that my income from SIP has brought a lot of stability and satisfaction. SIP has become synonymous for quality and helped me increase my credibility in the society. This business has also brought a lot of spare time for myself and my family.”

Dinesh Kumar Boswan Franchise of Vijayanagar, Bengaluru